Perseverance, tenacity and effort characterise Asepeyo Coslada Hospital’s Hand Surgery Unit. Workers from a wide variety of fields pass through the hands of its professionals every day. It is one of the few units within the Orthopaedic Services to be fully dedicated to hand surgery and microsurgery. This is a very common surgical pathology in the occupational field, which is difficult to treat and where incredible advances are made. Every surgeon’s success, in whatever field of medicine, is in his or her own hands. Our hands are our letter of introduction. Did our more skilled hands lead our brain to develop, or was it the other way round?

We want this to be a unique place for hand surgery and microsurgery, of patience, skill and the practice of certain techniques which not all orthopaedic surgeon master.

We would like to share our learning and experience with you all through this initiative from Asepeyo. We wish to share our professional success with lesions from the occupational field.

And remember, «if you need a hand, each of us has two».